Sheldon Rocker


Shelly Rocker has been wearing a white meat coat as far back as he can remember. As a teenager, he enthusiastically began his career in the meat industry working for his father. He spent his high school years splitting his days between school and working in the plant; learning every phase of production. Back in the day there was a very limited supply of boxed beef. Therefore, his father’s meat company broke cattle and processed from the hanging cattle. In his quest for knowledge, Shelly educated himself by working every single position and learning each processing procedure involved in meat production.

Shelly took a few years and set off to attend Humboldt University. After graduating, he was eager to return to the family business and perfect his education of the business. Upon his return, his father relocated and opened a USDA plant in Inglewood, California (current location of Rocker Bros Meat & Provision, Inc.). With the move, it was time for Shelly to share his knowledge and hit the streets. Thus began a very successful career in sales. Within a short amount of time, he created a significant portfolio of respectable accounts.

Shelly’s love for the food industry eventually took him on a new venture. In partnership with two close friends, and pursuing a dream, he opened a successful chain of diners, Rocky Cola Café. His many years of experience in the restaurant business expanded his knowledge and refined his understanding of the industry to a broader level.

With the need to get back into the meat business and a change in ownership of his father’s company, Shelly was ultimately led to his destiny. With a new vision, he teamed up with his brother, David, and opened Rocker Bros Meat & Provision, Inc. Their shared vision is a company specializing in proteins, and nothing else. Today, they run their company “the old-fashioned way”. This style is the same way that made their father successful. This is the “Butcher Shop” style, where we cut product to order and always cut according to the customer’s needs and specifications.

Shelly’s vast knowledge and experience has given him the ability and creativity to bring new innovative ideas and products in combination with the old standards to the restaurant and hotel industry. Rocker Bros and its clients continue to benefit from his talent. Noticing the growing interest in the Natural and Organic market, he has acquired new product lines that are receiving rave reviews.

With Shelly’s dedication, Rocker Bros Meat continues to carve itself a niche in the LA market. His experience is earning Rocker Bros a reputation as a highly serviced and quality-minded business compared to the larger more corporate style meat companies in the city.