• Elysian Fields Purebred lamb – Keith Martin left a career in investment banking to start Elysian Fields Farm where he grew a small Pennsylvania lamb farm into a growing collection of farmers who follow his patented Safe Alternative® Method for raising lamb. He and his first and most devoted customer Thomas Keller have joined forces to continue and improve the Elysian Fields lamb tradition which has always been heralded as the best tasting lamb in the US. We now carry this regeneratively raised, spectacularly delicious lamb at Rocker Bros. Racks, loins, legs and shoulders … oh my!
  • Superior Farms Lamb – Provides Rocker Bros with trusted, well-known, fine tasting, lamb form Colorado and California. Raised in grass and grain, this American lamb is generally larger than most imported lamb. Racks, loins, shanks, bellies and whole lamb are available at Rocker Bros. from Superior.

Elysian Lamb Rack – 10 bone, 6 pounds.


  • Australian – We offer Australian lamb products, including large 28 up lamb racks, boneless legs and loins. Our Australian lamb is consistently delicious and really well priced.
  • New Zealand – We carry a variety of sizes on New Zealand lamb racks in stock, great for small bites or serving a 1/2 or whole rack which is easy to do with NZ’s competitive pricing and 16oz to 18oz trimmed, cap off, frenched racks.