Debbie Rocker

Executive – RB Pure and Natural

Debbie Rocker is a serial entrepreneur, passionate animal lover, and a new-age meat saleswoman. Debbie hails from a long line of successful meat men and women. Her family has been in the wholesale meat business, serving well-known chefs and fine restaurants for over 50 years. As a saleswoman at Rocker Bros Meat & Provisions, Debbie combines all of her passions and brings the best-of-the-best to each and every one of her customers. She works closely with ranchers and small farmers, supporting compassionate and innovative animal husbandry while bringing her chefs the finest tasting meats available. Debbie’s forward-thinking mentality, insight and experience is helpful for chefs who are looking for creative menu solutions, and she is a master at designing new uses for meats in order to gain greater sustainability and profitability.

According to Debbie, she is most interested in selling top quality meats from animals raised in the most natural environments. She believes that buying quality products is, of course, an important factor in delivering the best center-of-the-plate proteins, but the secret sauce is meat maintenance. The Rocker family has, over decades, perfected the art of properly maintaining and processing meats. Proper storing, aging, hand selecting and custom cutting of meats are of utmost importance to putting the best tasting piece of meat on the plate.