1/21/22- Please Read
As many of you know Rocker Bros. has focused on our restaurant customers for 60 years but never served the general public. During the pandemic, we added online sales direct to consumers to help with safe food access, all while keeping some of our staff employed. Current market conditions have presented us with with extreme staffing shortages along with supply chain issues for box and packing materials. As such, we have made the difficult decision to stop shipping our products so we can continue to serve our restaurant customers.

In and effort to give our customers access to top quality provisions, we will offer our most popular items for “Will Call” pickup at our Inglewood, CA location. These items will be cut fresh daily and packaged ready to cook, or freeze for future enjoyment. All items must be purchased one day in advance so the product can be cut the next day. We hope this approach will satisfy our customers who have enjoyed access to top level provisions that are difficult to find elsewhere.

We will offer shipping to deplete our remaining frozen inventory but once those items are gone, we will remove the option to choose shipping.

Thanks for all your support,
Sheldon Rocker

2/3/22- We are no longer shipping orders. Will Call is the only available service at our Inglewood location. Will Call pickups offered on Monday- Friday and are scheduled during checkout process.
All orders will be processed the next day. Meat products will be cut fresh the next morning and ready for pickup.

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