• North Country Smokehouse – nitrite free
    We exclusively distribute the North Country Smokehouse products in Los Angeles. Their artisanal smoked meats are some of the finest we have tasted and they offer, among other things, a line of all natural, nitrite free smoked products.
  • Nueske’s – Applewood smoked
    Times Change… Quality, Never. Our Nueske’s family ancestors came to Wisconsin in 1882, bringing with them European skills of Applewood smoking and dozens of recipes for spicing and curing meat.
  • Daily’s Bacon – Applewood smoked
    Our house brand, delicious and reasonably priced. We carry thick and thinly sliced, regular and Applewood smoked, in slab or sliced.
  • Hormel  – finest bacon
    We are a direct distributor for all Hormel Brands. They have some of the finest bacon you can buy.
  • Russak’s – smoked products
    One of the finest company’s selling cured and smoked products, we proudly sell the Russak’s brand roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, and more.
  • Jodi Maroni Sausages – smoked products
    A real crowd-pleaser, we carry the Jodi Maroni raw and cooked sausages in various flavor profiles.
    Specialty Sausages – Ask about our specialty sausages from different countries – we carry some of the finest, and most unusual sausages you can find.