Hormel – we are a direct distributor for all Hormel Brands. They have some of the finest bacon you can buy.

North Country Smokehouse – We exclusively distribute the North Country Smokehouse products in Los Angeles. Their artisanal smoked meats are some of the finest we have tasted and they offer, among other things, a line of all natural, nitrite free smoked products.

Daily’s Bacon – our house brand, delicious and reasonably priced. We carry thick and thinly sliced, regular and applewood smoke in slab or sliced

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We also carry:

Russak’s – One if the finest company’s selling cured and smoked products, we proudly sell the Russak’s brand roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, and more.

Jodi Maroni Sausages – A real crowd-pleaser, we carry the Jodi Maroni raw and cooked sausages in various flavor profiles.

Specialy Sausages – Ask about our specialty sausages from different countries – we carry some of the finest, and most unusual sausages you can find.

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