At Rocker Bros, recognized the importance of buying locally whenever possible, and finding naturally raised, humanely farmed meats to add to our Premium line of Rocker Bros. Meats.

We have taken the time to develop relationships with companies that practice humane animal treatment, a higher level of land stewardship, and an overall greater understanding and responsibility to providing healthier animal products with minimal waste and stress on our land and animals.

These companies go beyond the current call of duty, following higher standards and practices than imposed by government agencies. We are pleased to know them, work with them and support them in our Green, Healthy, Humane endeavor.

It is a fact that going back to basics by raising animals naturally is better for our health, and the health of our environment. And the payoff is evident in the taste too. In fact the texture, flavor and tenderness of our Green, Healthy, Humane meats is shockingly delicious.

It’s nice to be able to satisfy the demands of well-known chefs and fine restaurants and, at the same time, support natural, compassionate and sustainable farming practices too.

Green, Healthy, Humane meats, meet these requirements:

  • Great taste!
  • 100% Natural and/or Certified Organic
  • No hormone or antibiotic injections
  • Raised Locally
  • Minimally Processed
  • Animals live in Healthy Humane Environments
  • Animals are raised on sustainable farms, and/or ecologically responsible small family farms


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Strauss Free Raised® Grass Fed Beef

A simple statement that clearly defines our vision for ourselves, our families, our company, and our future. Nature provides many gifts: the air we breathe, the earth beneath our feet, the food we eat, life itself. We believe that how we treat these gifts is a direct reflection on who we are. We take joy in this responsibility and apply it to the philosophy that we embrace and the products that we offer.


Beelers Duroc Pork

Beelers pigs are raised with compassion, naturally. They reside in Heluka houses, which are designed to provide the most comfort and pleasure for pigs as they can lounge around in the deep-bedded areas or bask in the sunshine at their leisure.
Duroc pigs are leaner than the Berkshire (Kurobuta) breed, the pork is delicate in flavor and widely requested by chefs in Los Angeles.


Mary’s Chicken

Mary’s brand free range Chicken and Turkey from Pitman Farms in Northern California is 100% naturally raised, and unlike any other chicken, is 100% air-chilled. The air-chill process means that the Mary’s chicken never enters the water for cooling during processing, as most birds do. The air-chill process helps ensure purity and reduce water retention. Pittman Farms is known for their exceptional care in raising and processing chicken – we are happy to carry their fine line of poultry.


Jidori Chicken

Jidori is a Japanese term that means, “chicken of the earth.”
Jidori Chickens are raised cage-free, fed all natural grain with no meat by-products, and raised without any hormones or steroids. They are raised in California’s Central Valley and delivered to the Los Angeles processing plant everyday , where they are processed under strict HACCP guidelines, with USDA inspection of every single bird.
We are guaranteed shipment of these farm fresh birds within 24 hours of slaughter, so that Chefs, and their patrons, receive the freshest chicken possible.

Unlike beef, where aging is sometimes encouraged to tenderize the meat, chicken, like fish, is the best tasting and safest when it is the freshest.
Jidori freshness is unparalleled. These birds do not retain water like most other poultry does. Reduced water content greatly enhances the natural taste of chicken.
Jidori chickens are raised by a small number of farmers, and they are processed here in LA in a small boutique processing plant, this ensures complete control throughout the supply chain.