4 Bone Standing Rib Roast- Dry Aged Barley Fed F1 Wagyu


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The king of roasts will be the perfect centerpiece of your holiday meal. Prime Rib is a classic but add “Wagyu,” “Dry Age,” and a special “Barley” diet to help earn you best meal honors!

Wanderer brand is as “specialty” as you can get. This product is known for delivering a rich, juicy eating experience. The cattle are a mix breed of Angus and Kuroge Washu (Wagyu) which gives you F1 Wagyu crossbreed genetics and the amazing flavor profile that follows. Barley feed promotes superior marbling and tenderness which is considered higher than “Prime” grade by U.S. standards. All of this is achieved in a Free Range, certified humane breeding program. We are the only consumer provider aside from fine dining restaurants.

  • 21 Day Dry Aged in our special USDA approved aging locker
  • Carving will be easy! Bones cut and tied back on to roast which is best of both worlds
  • MBS4
  • Free Range
  • Barley, Grass, and Free Range Diet
  • Australian Raised
  • Hormone/Antibiotic Free
  • Never confined To Feedlot
  • 8.5lbs total weight
  • Ships frozen to ensure freshness

*Estimate 1lb weight to serve each adult.

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