2 Bone Standing Rib Roast- American Wagyu


The king of roasts will be the perfect centerpiece of your holiday meal. Prime Rib is a classic but add “Wagyu,” and this will earn you best meal honors!

This American Wagyu is ethically raised in the Midwest on a farm that never uses hormones or antibiotics. The cattle are a mix breed of Angus and Tajima (Japanese Cattle) which produces Wagyu crossbreed genetics and the amazing flavor profile that follows. This ranch also finishes the cattle on a mix of non-GMO white corn and hay for 500 days which produces exceptional marbling.

  • American Wagyu from the Midwest
  • Carving will be easy! Bones cut and tied back on to roast which is best of both worlds
  • Tajima/Angus cross BMS 5/6 (higher grade than USDA Prime)
  • 500 day feed regimen
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • 6lbs (+/- .5lbs), 2 bone roast
  • Ships frozen to ensure freshness

*Estimate 1lb uncooked weight to serve each adult.

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