JIDORI is a Japanese term that translates to “chicken of the earth”. These birds are raised locally, picked up by Rocker Bros daily, and can be delivered to our customers within 24 hours of slaughter. This is the freshest chicken available in CA. We sell most of our Jidori 100% natural, humanely raised chickens with head on and feet on, as is traditional, and usually as our chefs request.

MARY’S brand free range Chicken and Turkey from Pitman Farms in Northern California is 100% naturally raised, and unlike any other chicken, is 100% air-chilled. The air-chill process means that the Mary’s chicken never enters the water for cooling during processing, as most birds do. The air-chill process helps ensure purity and reduce water retention. Pittman Farms is known for their exceptional care in raising and processing chicken – we are happy to carry their fine line of poultry.


FOSTER FARMS delivers fresh to Rocker Bros several times a week. Our Foster birds are raised in CA, cage free, and very affordable. You can buy cage free, natural, and locally raised Foster Farms chicken from us for about 15 cents a pound more than standard Mid-western commodity birds – well worth it!

In order to provide for every request in the chicken department – we offer all parts/cuts, including: boneless/skinless and boneless/skin-on sized breasts from 4 to 12 oz, and bone-in/skin on breasts from 10-32 oz. We have our natural and fresh chicken breasts, as well as frozen marinated breasts.

All chicken parts – or whole chickens – are available from any brand you prefer.




Mary’s – Pitman Farms all natural air-chilled Turkeys are exceptional. We have been told by chefs that the Mary’s from Pittman Farms are the best they have ever eaten.

Sun Valley Farms is also a California turkey provider, and offers all natural turkeys for a bit less money.

We also offer Just Perfect, Butterball and North Country Smokehouse brands of roasted and smoked turkey breast.

  • Heritage Breed – Weight categories are: 7-10, 10-13, 13-15, 15-18 and 18+ lbs.
  • Broad Breasted White – Weight categories are: 12-15, 15-18, 18-21 and 21+ lbs.
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  • For more info and to place an order. Please Call 310.674.0541

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We carry Mary’s, Muscovy, Pekin Long Island, King Cole, and Maple Leaf brands duck and duck breast. We also have fresh Woodland Duck from Northern CA and fresh Muscovy from Grimaud Farms in Sonoma CA.