Beef – Individual Cuts

At Rocker Bros. Meat & Provision, Inc., we firmly believe the best way to build our business is to help you build yours. That’s why we’re committed to delivering more than just beef in a box. That’s also why our Total Program provides the products and services you expect and demand. All cuts can be purchased either whole or portion. Below is a list of Beef Cuts we carry broken down into individual categories for easy browsing.


  1. Shoulder Clod- Flat Iron Steak
  2. Square Cut Chuck – Chuck Flap
  3. Chuck Roll- Chuck Roll Neck-off
  4. Chuck Tender
  5. Chuck Eye


  1. 107 RIb
  2. 109 RIb
  3. Export Rib – Bone-in Prime Rib- Bone-in Ribeye steak
  4. Lip-on Ribeye- Prime Rib- Ribeye Roll (lip-off)- Ribeye Steak
  5. Blade Meat
  6. Short Ribs- Bone-in Short Rib (portioned)- Volcano- Kosher Style Short Rib- Korean Style Short Rib- Back RIbs


  1. Porterhouse Steak
  2. T-Bone Steak


  1. Full Loin- Porterhouse Steak- Bone-In Striploin Steak- Bone-In Filet Steak
  2. Short Cut Loin
  3. Striploin- New York Steak
  4. Tenderloin


  1. Tenderloin- Filet Steak- Chateau Steak- Medallions- PSMO Tenderloin- Fat-On Tenderloin
  2. Short Tenderloin
  3. Tenderloin Butt
  4. Tenderloin Tails

Top Sirloin

  1. Bone-In Top Sirloin
  2. Top Sirloin- Top Sirloin Steak- Baseball Cut Top Sirloin Steak
  3. Top Sirloin Cap- Coulotte Steak- Picanha (Brazilian Style Steak)


  1. Beef Round
  2. Knuckle
  3. Top Round- Roast Beef
  4. Bottom Round- Gooseneck Round
  5. Steamship Round
  6. Cafeteria Round
  7. Eye Of The Round- Roast


  1. Brisket- Deckle-Off- Corned Beef
  2. Flat Cut
  3. Point Cut


  1. Short Plate- Pastrami
  2. Outside Skirt Steak
  3. Inside Skirt Steak


  1. Flank Steak
  2. London Broil

Bottom Sirloin

  1. Triangle Tip- Triangle Tip Steaks
  2. Ball Tip- Ball Tip Steaks
  3. Bottom Sirloin Butt
  4. Flapmeat


  1. Beef Fore Shank- Osso Bucco
  2. Beef Bones

Whole Carcass

  1. Diced Beef
  2. Ground Beef
  3. Cubed Steak
  4. Swiss Steak
  5. Beef for Strips, Kabobs, Stew
  6. Beef Trimmings