Rocker Bros Delivers…

In early 2018, Rocker Bros. Meat & Provisions Inc. decided that with our growing fleet size we needed to do something in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We began to replace our older fleet of V8 gasoline trucks and vans with a much more environmentally friendly vehicle. Since then we have made a considerable investment in eight new Hino 195H hybrid trucks to reduce our fuel consumption, our street footprint, and our vehicle weight. The hybrid engine drastically cuts our emissions down.

Additionally, all our current diesel vehicles have a Diesel Exhaust Fuel System (DEF) in place to reduce our emissions. DEF is consumed by the vehicle, which in turn lowers nitrogen-oxides concentration in the diesel exhaust emissions from a diesel engine. This will greatly reduce the harm to our atmosphere as well from these engines.

Rocker Bros. is working to set a precedent in the industry of corporate environmental responsibility starting with our fleet. Our efforts toward more sustainable products and energy efficient refrigeration motors, along with our replacement to LED lighting are just the first steps in becoming a progressively more economically responsible company.

Your meats are delivered in refrigerated vans six days a week. Saturday deliveries are no extra charge, but we do ask that our customers consider the environment when ordering – fewer deliveries means less waste, greater efficiency, and savings to all.