Sheldon Rocker

Phone: 310.962.2783 | Email: Shelly Rocker

Shelly Rocker has been wearing a white meat coat as far back as he can remember. As a teenager, he enthusiastically began his career in the meat industry working for his father. He spent his high school years splitting his days between school and working in the plant; learning every phase of production. Back in the day there was a very limited supply of boxed beef. Therefore, his father’s meat company broke cattle and processed from the hanging cattle. In his quest for knowledge, Shelly educated himself by working every single position and learning each processing procedure involved in meat production.

Shelly took a few years and set off to attend Humboldt University. After graduating, he was eager to return to the family business and perfect his education of the business. Upon his return, his father relocated and opened a USDA plant in Inglewood, California (current location of Rocker Bros Meat & Provision, Inc.). With the move, it was time for Shelly to share his knowledge and hit the streets. Thus began a very successful career in sales. Within a short amount of time, he created a significant portfolio of respectable accounts.

Shelly’s love for the food industry eventually took him on a new venture. In partnership with two close friends, and pursuing a dream, he opened a successful chain of diners, Rocky Cola Café. His many years of experience in the restaurant business expanded his knowledge and refined his understanding of the industry to a broader level.

With the need to get back into the meat business and a change in ownership of his father’s company, Shelly was ultimately led to his destiny. With a new vision, he teamed up with his brother, David, and opened Rocker Bros Meat & Provision, Inc. Their shared vision is a company specializing in proteins, and nothing else. Today, they run their company “the old-fashioned way”. This style is the same way that made their father successful. This is the “Butcher Shop” style, where we cut product to order and always cut according to the customer’s needs and specifications.

Shelly’s vast knowledge and experience has given him the ability and creativity to bring new innovative ideas and products in combination with the old standards to the restaurant and hotel industry. Rocker Bros and its clients continue to benefit from his talent. Noticing the growing interest in the Natural and Organic market, he has acquired new product lines that are receiving rave reviews.

With Shelly’s dedication, Rocker Bros Meat continues to carve itself a niche in the LA market. His experience is earning Rocker Bros a reputation as a highly serviced and quality-minded business compared to the larger more corporate style meat companies in the city.

Christian Shaffer
Sales Manager & Account Executive

Phone: 310.895.3191 | Email: Christian Shaffer | Area: All Southern California

Chef Shaffer is always on a quest for the freshest ingredients and the finest meats. His talent for creating elegant yet accessible fare is just one of the reasons why Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Food Arts, Town & Country, Los Angeles Magazine, and The Los Angeles Times have been giving him glowing accolades.

A native Angeleno, Shaffer began his cooking career at the young age of twenty when he entered the kitchen of Chef Miles Angelo at the North Beach Bar & Grill in Venice. There he discovered a passion for cooking that would shape his career and ultimately his destiny. After two years, Shaffer met mentor Josie La Balch and began working at Remi in Santa Monica under her careful tutelage. La Balch encouraged Christian to travel to Italy to perfect his craft, and nurture his passion for the culinary arts.

During the next year at Trattoria Dal’ Amelia in Venice, Italy, Shaffer honed his techniques and gained knowledge and an appreciation for fresh ingredients and fine meats. When it came time for his apprenticeship to end, he headed back to the United States and immediately went to Patina restaurant in Los Angeles. Patina was and still is the most highly recognized restaurant in the city. Christian had the pleasure of working as Sous Chef of Pinot Bistro in Studio City and as Chef de Cuisine of Pinot Blanc in Napa Valley.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Christian took the position as Executive Chef of Cicada Restaurant, located in downtown Los Angeles. There he garnered a loyal following through his seasonal menus and innovative interpretations of classic Northern Italian cuisine that marry the traditional with the contemporary.

Prior to opening Chloe in 2003, Chef Shaffer was Executive Chef of Drake’s Venice where in just a short amount of time his food received much recognition from top publications such as Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and The Los Angeles Times.

Chef Christian Shaffer showcased an ambitious, well planned foray, into the opening of the highly lauded restaurant Chloe in Playa del Rey, CA. Having garnered a loyal following with Chloe, Shaffer decided it was time to expand and share his culinary vision on a broader level with the opening of a second restaurant, Avenue in Hermosa Beach.

Shaffer wins kudos outside the restaurant as well; he is involved in several local and national charities including the Boys and Girls Club, Project Angel Food, Meals on Wheels, and the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

In continuing his passion for fine foods, Chef Shaffer has decided to join our family at Rocker Bros. Meat & Provision, Inc. With his extensive knowledge of fine meats and culinary art, we venture together in our joined quest of serving the highest quality meats available to the finest restaurants in Southern California.

Debbie Rocker
Account Executive

Phone: 310.738.6487 | Email: Debbie Rocker | Area: Los Angeles

Debbie Rocker is a serial entrepreneur, passionate animal lover, and a new-age meat saleswoman. Debbie hails from a long line of successful meat men and women. Her family has been in the wholesale meat business, serving well-known chefs and fine restaurants for over 50 years. As a saleswoman at Rocker Bros Meat & Provisions, Debbie combines all of her passions and brings the best-of-the-best to each and every one of her customers. She works closely with ranchers and small farmers, supporting compassionate and innovative animal husbandry while bringing her chefs the finest tasting meats available. Debbie’s forward-thinking mentality, insight and experience is helpful for chefs who are looking for creative menu solutions, and she is a master at designing new uses for meats in order to gain greater sustainability and profitability.

According to Debbie, she is most interested in selling top quality meats from animals raised in the most natural environments. She believes that buying quality products is, of course, an important factor in delivering the best center-of-the-plate proteins, but the secret sauce is meat maintenance. The Rocker family has, over decades, perfected the art of properly maintaining and processing meats. Proper storing, aging, hand selecting and custom cutting of meats are of utmost importance to putting the best tasting piece of meat on the plate.

Chef Ryan Otey
Account Executive

Phone: 714.905.4160 | Email:  Ryan Otey | Area: Los Angeles

Blessed with a magnetic personality and a warm sense of humor, Chef Ryan Otey brings a high level of spontaneity and excitement to the experience of eating well.

Ryan studied at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, NY, and returned home to hone his skills in the highest profile restaurants of Virginia. He was soon lured to the avant-garde culinary kitchens of Southern California, courted by the likes of Patina Restaurant Group and The Tasting Kitchen. His most recent special area of study has been a five-day culinary stage at The French Laundry in Yountville, CA. Chef Ryan is also a member of the sous chef team for the Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA.

Having studied classic French, Mediterranean, and Japanese cuisines, Chef Ryan continues to conceptualize new and exciting ways to enjoy food. He excels in fine dining, upscale catered affairs, and banquets, including refreshing simple European bistro fare, as well as home-style comfort cooking.

After 12 years as chef de cuisine and sous chef in restaurants with James Beard Award recipients, occasionally Chef Ryan decides to share his talent on a more personal level with some of LA’s high-end private clientele that he has built relationships with over the years. Working closely with Rocker Bros. Meat & Provisions to provide his clientele the best possible sourced proteins, Ryan decided to fully represent the Rocker brand and join the Rocker Bros. sales team.

Being an integral component of the Rocker team, Ryan looks forward to providing excellent products and solutions to our account base.

Jeff Davidson
Account Executive

Phone: 714.717.6943 | Email: Jeff Davidson | Area: Orange County / San Diego

Chef Jeff Davidson joined the Rocker Bros family in 2011 as an Account Executive after over 25 years as a Chef in many diverse operations.

It seemed that Jeff was born into the Food and Hospitality Business: his great grandparents opened the first Kosher restaurant in Chicago where his grandmother and her sisters worked for many years. His grandmother taught him how to carry multiple plates up the arm and how to make a proper Kreplach – it’s all about the hoop cheese. Well, the hook was set . . .

From the age of 15, Jeff was working in restaurants (the labor laws were a little different back in the day). Bussing tables and working in the pantry throughout high school eventually lead to working in restaurants in San Diego whilst in college. Not one to waste an education or an opportunity, Jeff moved to Australia, where he re-opened and ran the kitchen for a friend’s Sydney hotel.

After cooking overseas, he returned to LA and helped to open Pinot Bistro of the then bourgeoning Patina Restaurant Group, and worked as a Chef for Patina Catering. Over the years he worked with some of Los Angeles’ most influential Chefs: Joachim Splichal, Hans Rockenwagner, and Joe Miller. As the Micro-Brewery segment of the industry was seeing its first west coast resurgence since prohibition,Chef Jeff had the opportunity to combine his passions as an award winning home brewer and Chef to become part of the opening and operating team at Westwood Brewing Company and then doing the same for the first TAPs Brewery and Chophouse in Brea. When Chef Jeff moved to Orange County, he met Chef Mark Miskiewicz with whom he worked until opening his own café. Upon selling the café, Chef Jeff reconnected with longtime friend and fellow Chef Christian Shaffer who asked Jeff to join the Rocker family. Chef Jeff brought a high level of integrity and extraordinary service to the table at Rocker Bros that allows his clients to enjoy the finest attention to their protein needs as possible. Chef Jeff and Rocker Bros together offer their clients superior quality and a myriad of options that are unparalleled in the industry, providing for the best recipe for success.

As Chef Jeff likes to say, there is no “I” in team, but there is “M-E-A-T”!!!

Tony Selvaggio
Account Executive

Phone: 310.733.9265 | Email: Tony Selvaggio | Area: San Gabriel Valley / Inland Empire

Tony Selvaggio has 29 years of experience in the meat and food service industry. He started his career working as a meat clerk and cutter for Stater Bros. for 4 years. From there Tony went to work for his uncle at Lido Veal & Lamb for 13 years. There he was taught the “ins and outs” of the business from the ground up.

He started in shipping and receiving, then moved into the cutting and production room, and then on to sales which is where he’s been ever since. At Lido, Tony worked primarily with food service companies and major retailers across the country, developing programs for their specific needs. After working at Lido, Tony started working at Papa Cantella becoming their regional retail sales manager, working with companies such as; Costco, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Stater Bros., Albertsons, Vons, and Safeway. Here he once again developed meat and home-meal replacement programs. Five years ago Tony started working for Rocker Bros Meat & Provision, Inc.

Tony made the move from retail sales back to food service sales because he felt that our retail markets were lacking the quality of products and creativity that he had experienced with chefs in the restaurant business. As a salesman for Rocker Bros., Tony is always looking for new and exciting ways to help his chefs improve their menus. Tony is very knowledgeable regarding the product and works extremely well with his clients.

Alex Ageneau
Account Executive

Phone: 310.801.9460 | Email: Alex Ageneau | Area: Los Angeles

Alex Ageneau grew up in the Loire Valley region of France, spending most of his week ends on his grandparents organic farm, where they grew vegetables, made wine and raised pasture chicken, pigs and cows.

After graduating high school, and already passionate about food, Alex enrolled in a three years apprenticeship program to learn the art of butchering and charcuterie making under some of France’s top rated butchers and became a certified French butcher and charcutier in 2001. He then started working his way up at top restaurants around the world, including: Pierre Gagnaire’s Sketch in London, Les Nomades in Chicago and eventually landed in Los Angeles in 2004 to work at L’Orangerie and Patina where he served as sous chef.

Alex opened Sinatra at Wynn Encore Las Vegas as chef de cuisine in 2008, before coming back to LA to become the executive chef at Aestus in Santa Monica and then Petrossian in West Hollywood.

In 2018, he joined Rocker brother’s sharing his passion and knowledge of 20 years in the food industry.

Chris Gail
Account Executive

Phone: 310.344.9039 | Email: Chris Gail | Area: Orange County / Long Beach

Chris Gail has been in the hospitality business for over 35 years. Chris started by washing dishes in the kitchen, later working at every station, before ultimately owning his own restaurant. Chris has been with the Rocker Bros. Meat team for over 8 years. He has worked with some of the most prestigious restaurants from the South Bay area to Orange County. He believes that building close relationships with his customers creates a better dialogue, which in turn helps Chris to customize programs to his individual customers.

When not working, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife, Fran, and daughter, Emily. He also plays competitive table tennis and enjoys working on old BMWs.

Nickos Rovello
Account Executive

Phone: 626.975.2563 | Email: Nickos Rovello | Area: Greater Los Angeles Area / San Fernando Valley

Nickos is a born and breed Angelino. He attended the Los Angeles Trade Tech culinary school in 1996 and began his cooking career in the Patina group of restaurants. Followed by a stint with Michael Cimarusti at the Water Grill. Along the way he has spent time in NYC working for the likes of Jean-George and Daniel. Eventually becoming the executive chef of Snack Taverna in the West Village.

Returning back home to California in 2006, he went work with Christian Shaffer at his New project in Ojai, Auberge. Then returned to the Patina Group where he took the Executive Chef Job at Parallaxat Mammoth Mountain. In 2009 Nickos left the kitchen to find a home at Rocker Bros. Where he has found a passion working with chefs, and new and exciting menu options.

Brent Nakama
Director of Imported Wagyu / Fine Dining Specialist

Phone: 562.322.7039 | Email: Brent Nakama | Area: International

My name is Brent Nakama and I have been working at Rocker Brothers since 2018, but I have specialized in operating a wagyu program since 2006. I began working in the food industry in 2006 with a small Japanese company importing wagyu from Japan and Australia when very few companies were importing wagyu. Together, we educated chefs and restaurants about the different prefectures, private farms and premium brands of wagyu that we would import. We would also explain that grading, feed, genetics and raising techniques impact the quality of the wagyu. As chefs and restaurants realized the quality of our imported wagyu, our clientele has grown with us. We now provide many fine dining restaurants in major resorts to chef driven restaurants across the country.

I have even been featured in a Kobe Beef exposé on Inside Edition. We went to my customers to show where you can get Certified Kobe Beef sourced out of Hyogo Prefecture. The Inside Edition story authenticated the quality and source of our Kobe Beef. The wagyu program has also been mentioned in Forbes, Wynn Resorts Magazine and United Airlines Magazine.

I pride myself on keeping the chef and restaurants satisfied by personally taking care of each of my accounts. As part of being hands on, I educate chefs, staff and servers at restaurants that sell our wagyu to ensure they can knowledgeably sell the product. I make sure that they receive the highest quality of wagyu beef.

Paul Che
Account Executive

Phone: 310.733.9265 | Email: Paul Che

Paul has been in customer service and brand representation for over 25 years. He grew up in Peru, one of the world’s most visited culinary destinations, where his parents owned both Peruvian and Chinese restaurants. Since then, he has been obsessed with food, a fine steak being at the top of his priority list.

Paul understands the retail market and holds the customer’s satisfaction in the highest regard. He focuses on providing excellent customer service to the restaurant and chef, allowing them to provide an outstanding product.

When not working, Paul enjoys spending time outdoors, especially riding bikes with his family and friends.


Jacqueline Haedo
Director of Food Safety

Phone: 818.339.2194 | Email: Jacqueline Haedo | Area: San Fernando Valley

Jacqueline Haedo has been working with the Rocker family for over 30 years. Jacquie started off as an executive assistant and then worked as a sales executive before ultimately becoming the Director of Quality Assurance and Food Safety for Rocker Bros. Meat & Provision, Inc. Jacquie believes in the “Rocker values” of providing the highest quality and consistency in customer service. She also efficiently maintains the Rocker facility and the employees regarding safety and protection. Jacquie is extremely knowledgeable about the product, suppliers, and and the procedures in place at Rocker Bros.

Jacquie is responsible for all Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles and implementation, which provide an effective and balanced means of guaranteeing food safety. Jacquie is fully certified in International HACCP Food Safety. She has been writing programs in association with to the United States Department of Agriculture’s guidelines since she was a teenager, so when the USDA decided to have each individual establishment responsible for writing and implementing their own programs, she was ready to go. HACCP requires critical control point identification, establishing critical limits, monitoring procedures, corrective actions, verification procedures, and record-keeping and documentation, all carefully monitored by Jacquie through her unique HACCP Plan developed specifically for the Rocker Bros. facility. Jacquie also works in collaboration with the USDA inspector that is frequently on-site at Rocker Bros. Jacquie is well-versed in the directives and USDA expectations and works closely with both the suppliers and end users to ensure protection against harm.

Jacquie is extremely passionate about her job and loves the work that she does daily. In her free time Jacquie enjoys spending time with her friends and family, attending concerts, and checking out new restaurants in the Los Angeles area.

Mitchell Sonners
Account Executive

Phone: 310.975.5877 | Email: Mitchell Sonners | Area: Los Angeles

Mitchell Sonners was born and raised in Los Angeles, and has been in the meat business for most of his adult life. His family owned the meat company, American Provisions, which was founded in 1923. It was there at the age of 21 that he began working for his grandfather. He learned every aspect of the industry from butchering to operations. This was a great gift that sets him above an ordinary salesperson.

After a stint following in his father’s footsteps as a garment manufacturing, Mitchell came back to the meat industry to create with his cousins, LA Provisions where he ran the business for ten years. Then in 2012 Mitchell joined the Rocker Brothers team where he has continued to grow with the company as one of its top sales representatives.

Mitchell loves LA, and especially loves the Lakers. He resides in Topanga Canyon with four rescue dogs, two cats, and his wife of two years, Ginger.