Chef Jeff Davidson joined the Rocker Bros family in 2011 as an Account Executive after over 25 years as a Chef in many diverse operations.

It seemed that Jeff was born into the Food and Hospitality Business: his great grandparents opened the first Kosher restaurant in Chicago where his grandmother and her sisters worked for many years. His grandmother taught him how to carry multiple plates up the arm and how to make a proper Kreplach – it’s all about the hoop cheese. Well, the hook was set . . .

From the age of 15, Jeff was working in restaurants (the labor laws were a little different back in the day). Bussing tables and working in the pantry throughout high school eventually lead to working in restaurants in San Diego whilst in college. Not one to waste an education or an opportunity, Jeff moved to Australia, where he re-opened and ran the kitchen for a friend’s Sydney hotel.

After cooking overseas, he returned to LA and helped to open Pinot Bistro of the then bourgeoning Patina Restaurant Group, and worked as a Chef for Patina Catering. Over the years he worked with some of Los Angeles’ most influential Chefs: Joachim Splichal, Hans Rockenwagner, and Joe Miller. As the Micro-Brewery segment of the industry was seeing its first west coast resurgence since prohibition,Chef Jeff had the opportunity to combine his passions as an award winning home brewer and Chef to become part of the opening and operating team at Westwood Brewing Company and then doing the same for the first TAPs Brewery and Chophouse in Brea. When Chef Jeff moved to Orange County, he met Chef Mark Miskiewicz with whom he worked until opening his own café. Upon selling the café, Chef Jeff reconnected with longtime friend and fellow Chef Christian Shaffer who asked Jeff to join the Rocker family. Chef Jeff brought a high level of integrity and extraordinary service to the table at Rocker Bros that allows his clients to enjoy the finest attention to their protein needs as possible. Chef Jeff and Rocker Bros together offer their clients superior quality and a myriad of options that are unparalleled in the industry, providing for the best recipe for success.

As Chef Jeff likes to say, there is no “I” in team, but there is “M-E-A-T”!!!