We not only provide you with any cut of pork, from whole loins to rack chops, but we carry pork products from a variety of specialty pork vendors to satisfy every request.

Stone Valley Farms – We offer Stone Valley Farms Heritage pork, these hogs are raised in Central California and are raised in open air, deep bedded barns. Humanely raised hormone and antibiotic free and of course, no animal proteins or animal by-products are ever used. 50% Berkshire, 25% Yorkshire and 25% Duroc make up the genetics and the hogs are finished on barley to achieve velvety texture and pure white fat.

IBP – their fine quality Mid-Western pork program provides us with the most consistently flavorful and reasonably priced pork cuts.

Prime Pork – a flavor sensation at an unbeatable price. Prime pork comes from an Iowa based provider, and their unique program is a reasonably priced substitute for some of the more expensive pork products like Kurobuta.

Kurobuta – Berkshire pork is called Kurobuta (Black Hog) in Japan. Darker looking than standard pork, Kurobuta is known for it’s good marbling, richer taste, and is never injected with brine water (seasoning) as some pork is.

Good Nature Pork is free of antibiotics, growth stimulants and preservatives – animals are raised on a 100% vegetarian diet on farms in the Midwest, where farmers adhere to stringent animal health and humane treatment practices.

Beelers Pork Duroc breed pigs raised humanely, compassionately, naturally.