BN Ranch


It's a new era, thanks to Bill Niman's reimergence into the world of sustainable ranching, and compassionate animal husbandry. Bill and Nicolette Niman's new company, BN Ranch, raises animals - naturally.

Rocker Bros and BN Ranch have teamed up to bring a natural, sustainable WHOLE ANIMAL program to Los Angeles. Yes, we are bringing in BN whole beef. And it is, as Bill promised, the best grass-fed beef we have ever eaten. I thank all of the dedicated chefs who support this program and divinely serve this amazing protein.

BN RANCH: Who we are

BN Ranch is based in Marin County, California, a ranch owned and operated by Bill Niman (founder of natural meat company Niman Ranch), and Nicolette Hahn Niman (environmental lawyer and author of Righteous Porkchop).

Choice grade beef is the second highest grade of beef. It has less marbling than Prime, however still contains sufficient marbling for tenderness and taste. This is the most popular grade of beef.

BN RANCH Beef: What makes our beef unique.

For a few months of every year, BN RANCH offers fresh, totally grass grown and finished beef. Our beef is unlike other beef in the marketplace today.

  • Raised naturally. Our cattle spend their lives grazing natural vegetation, are never fed antibiotics or other drugs, are never fed meat or fish by-products, and are never given hormones.
  • Truly mature beef.Our cattle are mature at harvest, providing a unique richness, flavor and finish. We believe the eating quality of our beef is the best you will find anywhere for any type of beef.
  • Raised in harmony with nature’s seasons.Our beef is from animals in peak condition, coming directly off grasslands (no feedlots or dry-lots). Just as elk and venison have a peak moment, so does beef that is truly grass raised and fattened. In our view, the very best grass-fed beef is a seasonal offering like juicy ripe tomatoes, peaches, and Beaujolais Nouveau.
  • Raised with care. All of our animals are raised according to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards.
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  • For more info. and to place an order, contact: Debbie Rocker

The Basics of Beef

Cooking beef is often little more than combining the right cooking technique with the right cut. The more tender cuts—such as sirloin, tenderloin, and rib eye—are best grilled or roasted, and cooked rare. The tougher cuts—like chuck, round, and brisket—need to be broken down with long cooking and moist heat, and are better well done. –Mark Bittman, How to Cook Everything

“Raising animals the right way costs more, but it produces tastier, safer and healthier meat. We think of it this way: Eat less meat, eat better meat.” – Nicolette Hahn Niman
Rancher, Lawyer, Author, Mother.


  • Completing the sustainable Cycle
  • Made from BN Ranches 100% grass fed, pasture raised Cattle
  • With a proprietary blend of: Coriander, smoked paprika and Pepper
  • No corn sweeteners, milk, or Dextrose
  • 6/1 dogs in Sheep Casing
  • 5 lb cryovac bags
  • Shelf life 60 days
  • Coming to LA June 2012
  • For more info. and to place an order, contact: Debbie Rocker

Young Heritage Turkey

BN RANCH Customers

BN Ranch Pasture-Raised Beef, available beginning June 2012 in Southern CA, has been taste-tested, used in service, and spectacularly APPROVED by these reputable establishments in Northern CA and NY:

  • Chez Panisse Berkeley
  • Birch Street Cafe - Palo Alto
  • Vintner's Inn/John Ash - Sonoma Couty
  • Osteria Stellina - Point Reyes Station
  • Station House Cafe - Point Reyes Station
  • Terzo SF/Rose Pistola SF/Rose's Cafe SF
  • Frantoio - Mill Valley
  • Lumiere Newton/Boston MA
  • Blue Hill NYC and Blue Hill at Stone Barns Pocantico Hills NY
  • Zut on Fourth - Berkeley
  • Cafe Rouge - Berkeley
  • Sunnyside Cafe - Berkeley
  • Saul's Deli - Berkeley
  • Eveleigh - Los Angeles
  • Mezze - Los Angeles
  • Terroni - Los Angeles
  • craft - Los Angeles
  • Cecconi's West Hollywood
  • Jar - Los Angeles
  • The Gorbals - Los Angeles
  • Il Covo - Los Angeles
  • Lindy & Grundy - Los Angeles
  • Michael's on Naples - Long Beach
  • McCall's Meat and Fish Co - Los Feliz
  • Farm Shop - Santa Monica
  • Piccolo - Venice
  • Pace - Los Angeles
  • Areal - Santa Monica
  • Short Order - Los Angeles